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Experience of a life time
mirceami, USA

The trip was well planned by Ascend Tanzania, the communication was great from the first contact. Our guide Francis Sanga is a well-organized, professional, and highly trained guide. The entire team, the cooking, and everything were at a very high level.

A once in a lifetime experience.
281cirila, USA

I can say that Ascend Tanzania is exceptional in every way. They are down to earth, professional and health and safety conscious every day. There is enough food and it is tasty. They will keep you feeling positive throughout your trip even if you are struggling with the altitude!!

An Operator standing out for its perfect combination of adventure and safety
akerhus, Spain

I literally spent months trailing the Internet looking for a good local Tour Operator that could help me to fulfill my dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro without breaking the bank.

Highlight of the year
Adrian Tudor S

Really enjoyable experience hiking throughout africa s highest mountain and experiencing its cultural significance

Complete support for a cancelled trip

Syed and team were very helpful from the get go. Due to an illness I had to cancel my trip the week of the trek. Everyone was very supportive and refunded the entire payment.

Very good tour operator
Pascal Li

I just did the 6 day Machame route with my guide Dixon from Ascend Tanzania. We reached the Kilimanjaro summit on sept. 1st 2023. Awesome experience.