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What To Do In Tanzania

We offer a variety of activities such as safari, gorilla trekking, beach trips, balloon safari and much more, all set in its stunning natural spaces.

Whether exploring the vast savannas, dense rainforests, icy mountain peaks, or tropical beaches, nature lovers will find plenty to enjoy. Experienced local and well experienced guides ensure safety and provide insights into these breathtaking environments.

Game Drive Safari

Rise with the dawn for a thrilling game drive safari in Tanzania. Under the morning sun's golden glow, roam through varied landscapes bustling with wildlife. Witness the daily rituals of nature, enjoy stunning vistas, and capture scenes of raw beauty and exciting wildlife encounters.

Awaken To Wilderness Adventures

Each game drive offers a unique journey through Tanzania's vibrant ecosystems. Guided tours from dawn to dusk provide ample opportunities to witness nature's marvels, from stalking predators to serene herbivore gatherings.

  • Early morning and late afternoon prime viewing times
  • Expert guides enhance the experience
  • Ideal for photography & videography enthusiasts
  • Diverse animal sightings guaranteed
  • Explore rivers and wildlife hotspots

Maximize your safari time by engaging with knowledgeable guides who unveil the secrets of the wilderness. Leave with vivid memories of Tanzania's natural wonders.

Beach Holiday Zanzibar

Zanzibar Beach Holidays invites you to relax on the sand and take part in many water sports. The beautiful white are a perfect place where every minute spent there is a combination of culture, sunshine, and adventure.

Zanzibar Jozani forest is the only place in the world where you can see wild Red Colobus Monkeys.

Spend Your Day on Idyllic Shorelines – Explore Zanzibar’s Coastal Charm

On your Zanzibar Beach Vacations, spend your days sunbathing or diving into underwater marvels, and explore historic Stone Town. Zanzibar's rich history and vibrant culture enhance its beachfront allure, making every visit uniquely enchanting.

  • Dive in diver-friendly, warm waters or Kite surf and much more
  • Explore historic Stone Town
  • Enjoy fresh seafood on the beach
  • Relax on powdery, white sands
  • Experience vibrant local culture
  • Red Colobus Monkey Jozani forest safari

Kilimanjaro & Mount Meru Trekking

For many, reaching Mount Kilimanjaro's summit is a lifelong dream. Trekking through diverse landscapes to Africa’s highest peak offers a unique and picturesque adventure. The panoramic views of Kenya and Tanzania from the top are simply spectacular.

Summit Kilimanjaro's Majestic Peaks - Elevate Your Trekking Experience

You don't need to be an experienced mountaineer to achieve this. While physical fitness and determination are essential, there are routes for all skill levels, and we can help you choose the best one. Our mountain team prioritizes your safety, guiding you to the summit and ensuring a safe return.

  • Ascend Kilimanjaro via Lemosho, Machame or Marangu Route
  • Enjoy the sunrise from the tour summit
  • Experienced guides enhance your journey
  • Diverse ecosystems from forest to alpine desert

Gorilla & Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda/Rwanda

Though Tanzania doesn't host mountain gorillas, it often serves as a starting point for gorilla trekking adventures in neighbouring Uganda and Rwanda. Combine an iconic Tanzanian safari with the never-seen-before experience of seeing mountain gorillas in their natural habitats.

Encounter Gorillas in the Wild - Experience Gorilla Trekking

After exploring Tanzania’s legendary wildlife and landscapes, extend your adventure to the dense forests of Uganda or Rwanda. Here, you can trek through lush terrain to observe the majestic mountain gorillas up close in a respectful and awe-inspiring encounter.

  • Combine Tanzania Safari with Gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda
  • Observe gorillas in natural settings
  • A dream for photographers & videographers
  • Only place in the world to see Gorillas
  • Close encounter with wild Gorillas
  • Combine with Chimpanzee trekking close to Gorillas

Expand your safari experience with a gorilla trekking expedition. This challenging yet rewarding adventure offers an intense connection with one of the earth’s most awe-inspiring creatures, deep in Africa’s forests.

Great Migration

Experience the breathtaking Great Migration in the Serengeti, where a vast sea of over 1.5 million wildebeest and 500,000 zebras goes on a remarkable journey across expansive plains in search of new, lush grasslands.

Follow the Thunders, Witness the Wonders

This extraordinary migration follows ancient routes carved by generations of animals. Driven by the rhythm of the seasonal rains, these herds face numerous challenges, including predatory threats and treacherous river crossings.

  • Millions march across Serengeti plains
  • Predators lurk, awaiting their chance
  • Guided by instinct, following rains
  • Great Migration river crossings season july-september north Serengeti
  • Witness survival in its rawest form
  • Great Migration calving season december-Mars south Sergengeti with 8000 newborns every day

Discover the wonder of the Great Migration, a spectacular display of nature’s cycle. Observe as wildebeest and zebras navigate through perilous landscapes, displaying the resilience and determination that define this iconic event. Join the drama of life and survival unfolding in the vast savannas of Tanzania.

Balloon Safaris

Soar above Tanzania's iconic landscapes on a serene balloon safari. Witness the breathtaking beauty of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, or Ruaha at dawn as the wilderness wakes beneath you—truly a mesmerizing way to experience the vast savannah.

Rise above the Serene Wilderness

As you ascend in the cool early morning, watch the world transform below with rivers, trees, and wildlife coming to life. Enjoy this peaceful journey and end with a celebratory champagne breakfast under the expansive African sky.

  • Serene flights over national parks
  • See wildlife from a new perspective
  • Perfect for romantic getaways
  • Champagne breakfast post-flight
  • Small group and private options are available

A balloon safari is an exceptional way to see Tanzania's wilderness from above, offering quiet moments of awe as you drift across the sky, making every second aloft an experience to treasure.

Walking Safari

Explore Tanzania's wilderness on foot with a walking safari. Experience the intimate thrill of the bush up close in regions like Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park, guided by experts who elevate this immersive adventure.

Discover Nature On Foot

Walking safaris offer a unique perspective of Tanzania’s diverse landscapes and wildlife. Traverse varying terrains from grasslands to baobab forests, guided by seasoned experts, for a deeply personal encounter with nature.

  • Expert guides enhance the experience
  • Explore diverse ecosystems on foot
  • Ideal for seasoned adventurers
  • Engage with nature intimately
  • Opportunities for extended treks
  • Perfect for photo and videographers to get low angle pictures

Walking safaris in Tanzania invites you to connect with the natural world in an intense and personal way. Journey through the bush for a direct encounter with wildlife and the untamed environment.

Night Game Drive

Explore Tanzania’s wilderness under the cover of night. Night game drives offer a unique opportunity to observe nocturnal wildlife in their natural habitat, providing a thrilling experience in parks like Lake Manyara and Tarangire.

Discover the Nights Wild Secrets

As darkness falls, start on an adventure in an open safari vehicle equipped with spotlights. Witness exclusive nocturnal creatures like leopards and hyenas come alive, roaming freely in the moonlit savannah.

  • Spot nocturnal wildlife in action
  • Safari under the stars
  • Equipped with powerful spotlights
  • Guided by expert rangers
  • Available in multiple national parks

Night game drives in Tanzania illuminate the unseen world of the savannah after sunset. This unique safari variant lets you peek into the vibrant nightlife of Africa’s majestic animals, enhancing your wilderness experience.

Visit Massai Village

Discover the vibrant culture of the Maasai by visiting their villages in Arusha, Manyara, or Ngorongoro. Interact with the community, see their daily life, and learn about their culture. Enjoy traditional dances, crafts, and stories, and gain a unique insight into the Maasai way of life.


  • Enjoy vibrant traditional dances and songs
  • Tour unique manyatta huts made of mud
  • Learn about Maasai customs and rituals
  • Meet and interact with Maasai warriors
  • Gain insights into a unique cultural lifestyle

Discover the vibrant culture of the Maasai with our guided village visits. Return home with a rich appreciation for their traditions and lifestyle, enriched by this cultural journey.

Sun Downer

Experience the magic of a Tanzanian sundowner, the perfect way to conclude a day of safari adventures. Sip a refreshing drink as the sun sets, painting the sky with vibrant hues, and the wilderness settles for the night.

Sunset Drinks In The Wild

Gather with friends or family at iconic locations across Tanzania's parks to enjoy chilled drinks while surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Watch as wildlife grazes in the distance under the fading light of day.

  • Capture Serengeti's sunset with panoramic views
  • View the hilltop sundowner by Lake Natron
  • Savour evening drinks facing Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Relish tranquil moments under Tarangire baobabs
  • Observe the sunset over Ngorongoro with wildlife sightings

End your day in the serene Tanzanian landscape with a sundowner in hand. This relaxing tradition is the perfect complement to a day of exploration, offering spectacular views and a tranquil atmosphere to reflect on your safari experiences.

Photo & Video Safari

Capture the essence of Tanzania through your lens on a specialized photo and video safari. Traverse iconic landscapes and wildlife scenes, from the Serengeti to Ngorongoro, perfecting your photography skills in stunning settings.

We will modify the vehicle to your needs, for example:take away windows and seats, bean bags, mounts for videohead, electric chargers, experienced driver that knows where the animals are and find the right angels to get the perfect shot. 

Frame Nature, Create Memories-Enhance Your Photography Skills

Tailored for photographers, our safaris offer expert guidance and optimal timing for the best lighting. Take advantage of unique opportunities to photograph Tanzania's diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes.

  • Ideal for hobbyists and professionals
  • Professional photography guidance is available
  • Scheduled during optimal lighting conditions
  • Drivers with lots of experience working with photo/videographers
  • Modified vehicle for the special needs of camera gear
  • We tailor-made the trip for your needs and what you like to capture on camera

Join our tailored photo safaris and immerse yourself in some of Africa’s most picturesque settings. Document compelling wildlife behaviors and serene vistas, ensuring your Tanzanian adventure remains as memorable as possible.